May 6th

Introducing new VL blog series



We are excited to introduce our new Varnish Lane Blog Series with our resident beauty coordinator and VL insider, Gabby. You all know and love Gabby as the first warm smile you see when you walk into Varnish Lane. As someone who lives and breathes the VL culture, we have asked her to do a guest blog series sharing her insights and favorite beauty tips! From the most highly chosen colors at VL, the most popular products and more!

xoxo, Lauren & Carrie

From Gabby… “What a gift, starting my collaboration with the Varnish Lane blog talking about the most important women in our lives. Regardless of your beliefs or culture, we all recognize the feminine (or even masculine) figure of a mother. The one through which we were born, the one who raised us, the one who has chosen for us or that we choose to call and trust as a mother.

It is undeniable the love and admiration I have for my mother and for so many mothers who are in my life, and I could take hours talking about it. However, today I’d like to give the mother’s credit to talk about their view of being the most called name on earth.

Every day at VL we hear so many mothers talking about being grateful for having Varnish Lane as a space to come and just relax, pamper themselves and take an hour or two off. But even though this is common to hear, there are also those mothers working on their laptops or on the phone talking about the next chores or demands that need to be handled all while having their nails done. And let’s reaffirm here, it is not easy to multi-task and keep the many open tabs and “to do lists” in our minds all the time, but you mothers do this in the most skilled and amazing way.

VL is also a place that mothers can meet and talk about their challenges of educating their kids, negotiating their routine, their dreams and their own daily battles while sipping champagne! Why not? We have also seen many of them bring their own young daughters, older daughters or with their loved mothers and grandmothers.

Last week while I was grabbing lunch, a woman was on the phone with her son talking about his game and that she could not show up, and she asked, “In which position did you play, honey?” He said, “I played all the positions, mom!” He couldn’t be more adorable, but his answer just made me think about all the mothers and how they are the daily jugglers.

We are proud to be part of your mother’s life and wish them a very happy day filled with love… cheers to all these women playing in all the positions!


With love,




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