Our story

welcome to varnish lane!

Varnish Lane is your new luxury nail care destination that will redefine what a mani/pedi means to you. How? It’s simple. We are focused on creating the ultimate customer experience as an affordable luxury – with our highly trained staff, waterless treatments, beautiful atmosphere and locally made 100% chemical free products we will ensure that each visit to Varnish Lane is exceptional.

Why waterless services?

1 Your safety is our priority – protecting you from harmful bacteria and preventing infections.

2 Helping the environment one pedicure at a time – saving 10 gallons per nail service!

3 Waterlogged skin & nails makes products less effective and polish chip more easily.

Get Varnished with us! We can’t wait to meet you!

meet us





Carrie Dunne is a longtime DC resident. She and her four daughters have been on a search for the perfect nail salon for years. With no luck and a desire to build her own business, she decided to take things into her own hands (and feet!). Carrie has a background in home building and renovations paired with a passion for design, which helped bring Varnish Lane to life.

Lauren Dunne, Carrie’s second daughter, combines a love of imaginative vision with organizational genius and a longtime obsession with everything nails. As a former wedding planner and designer, Lauren excels in making a beautiful vision come to reality – all while making it look effortless and fun! She is all about the experience and knows how to make it extraordinary.