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Why Waterless

No risk of waterborne infection

No waterlogged skin = deeply moisturized skin

Long lasting polish wear

Save up to 15 gallons of water per service

At Varnish Lane, all of our nail care services are waterless. So what does that mean?!
Your hands and feet are not soaked in water. Instead, they are cleansed with our all natural oil cleanser and a warm towel wrap to clean and soften the skin.

There are several significant reasons for our waterless services. Most importantly, water is the main source of infection when getting your nails done. By eliminating the water we have created a safe service without risk of infection. When soaked in water your nails swell and expand which causes the polish to chip prematurely after your nails shrink back to normal size hours after your service.

Soaking in water also causes your skin to become waterlogged which prevents it from absorbing any moisturizing products. In our waterless service, your skin will be renewed from all of the benefits from our 100% natural oils and butters.

Did you know that a typical pedicure uses up to 15 gallons of water per service? That is a lot of wasted water! Varnish Lane has created amazing services that are environmentally friendly by cutting down on waste and high water consumption.