to Waterless
Nail Care


it’s time to change lanes when it comes to beauty & nail care.

Varnish Lane is a natural, waterless nail salon that redefines the traditional mani/pedi. In a field focused on speed and efficiency, we pause for our customers. We have established a culture of care with waterless techniques, exceptional staff, lovely space, and non-toxic products.

Founded on principles of safety, beauty, and ease, Varnish Lane is a place where we are confident every experience is exceptional.

why waterless?

At Varnish Lane, we believe in a waterless method that is defined by health, not haste.
Eliminating H20 from our care method was an early (and easy) decision.
Our waterless services are better for your nails, your health and environment.

Skipping the soak has 4 main benefits:

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A Safer Service

Water is the leading instigator of infections related to manicures and pedicures — a risk we’ll gladly pass.

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Maximum Moisture

Waterlogged-skin prevents any real effect of moisturizing products. Skip the soak and make friends with moisturizers.

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Long Lasting Polish

Water-soaked nails swell and shrink within hours of service, leading to polish chipping prematurely.

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Planet Positive

Waterless nail care methods save up to 15 gallons of water per service. Let’s save the water for poolside hangs, brewing tea, and ocean waves for years to come.

It’s better for you. It’s better for the environment. It’s that simple.

the varnish lane standard

Beauty should not come at the expense of exposing ourselves or others to harmful toxins. At Varnish Lane, we are setting a new standard of wellness for our clients and workers.

our waterless nail services

Luxe Lane

Our wholistic care treatment, and client favorite, the Luxe Lane begins with our signature warm towel wrap. Nail care includes shaping, buffing and cuticle care; skin care includes an exfoliating natural sugar scrub and moisturizing paraffin wax treatment. And, saving the best for (almost) last, the climax of the Luxe Lane is a deep, extended massage. Polish to finish.

  • Mani $44
  • Pedi $60
  • Gel Polish +$16

Main Lane

Our classic nail treatment, the Main Lane begins with our signature warm towel wrap. Nail care includes shaping, buffing and cuticle care. The Main Lane includes our standard massage. Polish to finish.

  • Mani $28
  • Pedi $44
  • Gel Polish +$16

Fast Lane

Our express nail treatment, the Fast Lane is a polish change. For your miniatures, select the mini mani or pedi.

  • Mani $20
  • Pedi $25

A Little Extra

Additional services are available to add to any treatment, including an extra massage and gel polish or removal.

  • Gel Polish +$16
  • Gel Removal $10
  • Massage +$10