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Photo for our story - Meet Varnish LaneWhen Carrie and Lauren Dunne – the ultimate mother-daughter duo – founded Varnish Lane, they created more than a nail salon. They set a new standard for beauty and care. At Varnish Lane, we believe that beauty fits “hand in hand” with wellness. And we know that safety, health and relaxation are essential ingredients.

We opened our first salon in 2015, but the Varnish Lane story begins years earlier. As a young girl, Lauren filled notebooks with nail designs and carefully catalogued her polish collection. Trips to the nail salon were cherished bonding moments with her mom and three sisters. But the girls were always switching salons, searching for a spot that provided both safety and relaxation. When they realized this did not exist, they came together and dreamt up their own.

Our first salon was met with an incredibly warm welcome, drawing clients who had been searching for the same standard of beauty and care. Varnish Lane has since expanded to three beautiful locations, all reflecting Carrie and Lauren’s passion for thoughtful design and uncompromising comfort. And our plans for the future are even bigger and brighter.

The Varnish Lane Standard has guided our vision every step of the way. We strive for best in class nail services, innovative wellness standards, and endless creative touches. We were the first salon in the country to offer waterless services, and our ever-expanding polish collection is always free of common toxins. Our polish removers are plant-based and our skin products are 100% natural. In short, we believe that true beauty is authentic, healthy and safe. And that your time with us should always be wonderful.



Everything was amazing from check in to check out. Friendly service, lovely facility and environmentally friendly.

Suzanne H. 
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Great front desk service, amazing quality products and technicians. Longest lasting manicure I have ever had.

Allison O. 
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I started going because the services are waterless and toxin free, but it's also the best, longest lasting mani I've ever had. Super relaxing too the smell of the lotion is amazing. I also love how it seems to be a pretty low plastic business! Thank you

Danielle R. 
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I've been a few times now, and no matter who is giving me the service the results are consistent and them mani and/or pedi are the best I've ever had.

Sabrina M. 
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Love the space and staff! Every time I come to VL I leave feeling relaxed and happy with my mani/pedi. Best nail salon in DC!

Jill L. 
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