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Washington DC

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Friendship Heights

City – Washington DC

Mt Vernon Triangle Nail Polish Wall resized - Salon Near Me

Mount Vernon Triangle

City – Washington DC

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West End

City – Washington DC

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Navy Yard

City – Washington DC


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Buckhead Court

City – Atlanta, GA


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Cigar Factory

City – Charleston, SC


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Charlotte South End

City – Charlotte, NC

Nail Salons in Washington DC, Charlotte North Carolina, Atlanta Georgia, and Charleston South Carolina!

With nail salons across the Washington D.C. area, North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina, it’s time to change lanes and experience a new standard in nail care. In Washington DC, we invite you to visit us in the West End neighborhood near Georgetown, the expanding and vibrant Mount Vernon Triangle area, the wonderful Friendship Heights area and Navy Yard. In North Carolina you can find us in the South End neighborhood of downtown Charlotte. In South Carolina, visit us in the historic Cigar Factory building in historic Charleston. In Georgia, find us in Buckhead Court Atlanta. All of our nail salons accept online appointments and feature waterless manicures and pedicures. Our salons are comfortable, relaxing and feature luxury leather recliners as well as complimentary beverages. Featured by Allure Magazine as the best waterless (and long lasting) mani pedi in the U.S.. We have also been recognized by InStyle Magazine, The Washington Post and other blogs and publications for our unique nail services and products. It’s time to change lanes, come visit one of the best nail salons in the U.S.

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Our waterless services rely on natural essential oils and moisturizers, meaning our clients do not soak their hands/feet in a water basin. By eliminating bacteria-laden basins and plumbing, we offer a more hygienic service, and reduce water consumption by 15 gallons of water per service. Our method promotes skin moisture retention and longer lasting polish wear. In addition to our services, we offer a selection of natural skin care products in our stores including proprietary products like Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Oil. We are expanding our locations throughout the DC, northern Virginia and Maryland areas.