Look Out For These 2019 Nail Trends

New year, new mani! Check out the nail trends that are going to be hot this year.

The start of the new year is all about feeling fresh. It’s a brand new start, and everyone’s reveling in the newness of it all and making resolutions that may (or may not) be kept. We like to stick with the one we’ll definitely keep: always having a fresh mani! We’ve curated this list of the 2019 nail color and design trends that are going to be everywhere this year.

Navy Is the New Black

A perfect complement to colder winter weather, navy is a sophisticated neutral choice with a lot of contrast for your snowy selfie. Keep nails trimmed with such a dark, moody color to keep this look classic and still appropriate in a traditional office environment. Our favorite navy polishes are Londontown’s Buckingham Blue and Zoya’s Sailor (or Indigo for a subtle shimmer!).

Breathing Anemone

Another name for the much-talked about Pantone Color of the Year 2019, Living Coral. This energetic, bright hue has a bit of a midcentury mod-vibe — perfect to wear poolside during your next tropical vacay or in the spring (looks great with cherry blossoms). Get this look with Cora by Zoya or Tera by Habit.

Negative Space

Leave negativity behind in 2018 — except in your mani. Use of negative space in nail art has been around for a while, but instead of basic unpainted moons or tips, we’re seeing more blocking with strips of negative space across the nail or designs around the cuticle and tip, leaving most of the nail bare. (Pro tip: Leaving your nails bare at the base also makes nail growth less noticeable — for a longer lasting mani!) Clear nails with colorful miniature designs also cropped up on quite a few spring/summer 2019 runways, showing that this trend is here to stay.

True Nudes

Fashion has finally caught up with the times and started celebrating the beautiful range of skin tones, instead of offering one “nude” shade that only matches a percentage of the population. True nude tones continue to be a popular trend in 2019, with more makeup, shoe, and lingerie brands offering wider palettes. We love a good neutral for a flattering, while still professional, look. Deborah Lippmann’s line offers a wide line of true nude shades, but you may need to try a few before finding the right color for you!

More Texture, Please

Adding dimension and embellishments for a 3D effect is a growing trend that we expect will remain for 2019. Accenting your mani with different sized jewels for a little extra bling can help you achieve this look, or try metallic studs to give this trend a bit of an edge. For an office-friendly look, adding subtle studs on a neutral mani is a great way to show off your individual style.

Au Naturel

Our favorite nail trend of 2019: natural nail polish! As consumers continue demanding clean beauty products from skincare to makeup, more brands are investing in safe, toxin-free, and natural nail polish lines. All the brands we carry and mentioned here are natural, and with a visit to our 100 percent waterless salons for a completely hygienic experience, you can always enjoy beautiful, healthy nails without worry.

Shine on in 2019!